5 reasons to choose Google Allo


Google Allo is great and you can try it now. We already have done that and we’re going to talk to you about 5 reasons to choose Google Allo. There are many reasons to choose the new messaging service from Google, which wants to compete with WhatsApp and promises to offer security and many features. If not yet tried it, you’ll convince him to do so:

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5 reasons to choose Google Allo

These are:

  • Google Assistant : the wizard of Google is amazing and you will love to try it. Yes, you will need to accept the permission for localization to work properly. You already know that escapes most of Google Now and it seems more like Siri is smart enough. You can even ask him to tell you a joke.
  • Easy to use. Allo is intuitive and easy to use. In addition it has many advantages, it does not weigh too much nor spend too much battery. You will find easy everything you need in the Settings, is quick and complete. You’ll be able to run it without problems.
  • you don’t need line. It is possible to use Allo in mobile without line, but you should be able to receive the SMS confirmation to use the service. This is quite curious, but it is an advantage for the users of the case.
  • Chat incognito. Adds the chat functionality of incognito to be able to speak with total secrecy and freedom. There is nothing wrong. Yes, here you will not be able to make use of Google Assistant.
  • Stickers. Fans of stickers, will be able to enjoy much because they are pretty cool. The stickers you can see in the picture above, do not have waste.

These are some of the reasons to use Allo.

Try it free

do Not hesitate to try Allo and tell us what it is your sixth reason for test Allo. It is a good rival to WhatsApp, we will see in what it becomes with time… if in a success or a failure. You will have to improve quite a bit, and add more things, however, to take the job WhatsApp. It is complete, but something is missing. You will also see that for now there are not many users that use it.

I let the link of Allo to the Play Store:

WP-Appbox: Google Allo (Free, Google Play) →

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