5 reasons to buy the OnePlus 5

The launch of the OnePlus 5 is imminent. The new smartphone of the brand will be launched in a couple of days after months of waiting and rumors. With the passage of the weeks we have already been able to learn all the data on the device. Therefore, we were able to conclude that it is a very interesting smartphone, and with a lot of potential. Also, a huge leap for the company. Looking to improve your results with this device.

OnePlus 5 has left very good sensations to users and experts. You can become one of the most popular phones of the year. For this reason, we present some reasons why to buy this device. What are yours? OnePlus 5 logo

why buy the OnePlus 5

we leave You with a total of 5 reasons why this device is interesting for you.

  1. Account with Snapdragon 835: this Is news of tremendous importance. This is the latest version recent and most powerful that exists on the processor in the present day. We guarantee a greater efficiency in the use of the battery, and a power and performance higher. So thanks to this processor is guaranteed a performance excellent.
  2. Photo: OnePlus has associated with DxO to the camera of the device. Great efforts have been made to have a camera that offers a great quality. We have already been able to see the first images taken with your camera. In general leave us with good feelings.
  3. Price: it Is a smartphone very powerful and that has nothing to envy to the leading brands. But your price is significantly lower. Between 479 and 550 euros (depending on the version you choose). Remains cheapest that devices from Samsung or LG.
  4. Will be available on Amazon: On many occasions is complicated to be able to buy some devices in a formal manner. Luckily, this will not be the case with the OnePlus 5. The brand announced that the device will be sold through Amazon. Which makes it much more simple to be able to buy it, and in addition with the security that the platform offers.
  5. Battery: The phone has a battery-3300 mAh, which gives it enough autonomy, but you also have the option of Dash Charge that lets you load the phone in just 60 minutes, which is really convenient.

There are many other reasons you can convince to buy this device. Soon we will be able to learn more and examine it in depth, so we will present the best and worst aspects of this phone. What do you think of the OnePlus 5? What are you going to buy?