5 must-have apps for WhatsApp

aplicaciones imprescindibles para whatsapp

If you’re reading this is because you use WhatsApp. If you want to increase your experience with the popular messaging service, in this article we will know 5 must-have apps for WhatsApp. Voice applications, cleaning, security, spies, and management of files. Some are to be found on Google Play, and other by APK, so if you want to discover them, not pairs, to read:

5 must-have apps for WhatsApp

do you Want to increase your experience with WhatsApp? it Is clear that the extra applications may come very well to enjoy a better messaging service. As you have been told some applications to improve WhatsApp, but now we will see other 5 essential:

  • WaSend: with this app you can send to your contact to everything that you want, without the limitations of WhatsApp. That is to say, you’ll be able to send all kinds of files, up to 150 MB. We will have an inbox, and the possibility to add files to send them. If you are looking for an app to send extra files, WaSed you’ll love.
  • WhatsDog: this app allows us to spy on the contacts. It is ideal if a contact blocks us, and we want to know if it is connected and if you are using WhatsApp. You will get a notification each time you’re online, and you can control the time you spend connected. Since it is not in the Google Play, but there are alternative means to obtain it, you let in the link for the APK.
  • WCleaner for WA: with this great app for WhatsApp you will be able to remove everything that you don’t need. This way, you get a terminal cleaner, free of those files leftover and that will make the performance of your mobile improve. Delete music, photos, and everything you needed.
  • Protect messenger and chat (Chatlock+): if you want to protect WhatsApp with a PIN so no one can access your conversations and data are private, is the key. With this app you’ll be able to put a PIN and to protect your conversations. And eye, because if someone enter the wrong PIN, you will take a photo. What we see in the following image:5 aplicaciones imprescindibles para WhatsApp
  • Issue WhatsApp Voice Widget: dictate and record a voice message with this widget that you will love, ideal for use with WhatsApp. You’ll be able to send SMS messages by voice and WhatsApp, so it is a wonder. Also you have explained how to send WhatsApp voice with Google Now, so it is important to keep in mind.

┬┐What is your app must have for WhatsApp?

If you know any app great, you can leave a comment to add it to the list. It is clear that there are many must-have apps for WhatsApp that allow us to enjoy more of the application, of this popular messaging service that we love.

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What do you think about these essential apps for WhatsApp? Do you dare to give them a chance?

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