5 must-have apps for root users

aplicaciones para root

¿you Have the mobile rooted? If so, you’re interested to try these 5 apps for root for exprimas your experience more than ever. And that is if you are root it is for a good reason, so having useful applications is essential. We bring you a collection of 5 that could come in very well, of course, you can take advantage of the comments area to give us which is your favorite. You have:

5 apps for root

Rootea tu dispositivo Marshmallow sin modificar el sistemaAs the root user, the 5 basic applications and essential seem to us to be the following:

  • An application of flashing is critical: Flashify. This application is a must have for root users, because you will be able to flash apps and ROMs without having to reboot your device to do this. How to use it? So you’ll only need the .zip you want to flash. It is very comfortable and easy to use, and free. It has a 4.3 of note in the Google Play, which denotes that the users are more than happy with its performance.
  • Automating tasks is essential: Tasker. As its name indicates, with Tasker we can automate tasks, and to do this we must be root users. The biggest drawback is that it is not free, it costs 2,99 euros in the Google Play. However, we do recommend to pay for the great work of the developers. With a 4.6 of note, users of the store is also seen imperative.
  • Improved battery management: Greenify. You talk a lot about this app, because we tell you how to improve Doze with Greenify and if you have a Nexus 9, you will know that Greenify doubles the battery life in your tablet. This application is basically to improve the management of the battery and will allow us to enjoy a better performance in our mobile. It is essential to get on well with the battery, and it is not a joke, your note 4.4 in the Google Play speaks for itself.
  • backup: Titanium Backup. The applications to perform backups is essential, and this certainly is one of the most popular. Speak effectively of Titanium Backup you can make backups of data and applications, so it is essential when dealing with ROM. With a 4.6 of note, for users is essential.
  • Am I root?: Root Checker. It may seem silly, but if you are root you will have this application if you or the other installed, we will, this or something similar. But root checker we will come very well to know if we’re root, since many times the days and brown, and we lose the access of super user. It has a 4.1 note in the Google Play, although it is basic, does its function and it is fundamental to have it installed.

it Is clear that all applications are essential, but there are a lot more interesting of which I’ll talk about later. As extra application, the following also we like a lot:

  • SD Maid – System cleaning tool. This application allows us to move applications from internal memory to the SD card. It is all very well, but only for those users who need to move apps to the memory card, why not consider it essential for all, but yes for many. Your note is 4.5 points, is not nothing but that nothing bad.

Rooting your phone is not dangerous

Already told you about in his time the how to root your device, so if you want to you can do to enjoy all the benefits, that basically, they have more freedom. It’s still nothing we tell you also that if you have a OnePlus 2 you’re in luck, because the guys from OnePlus have posted a video of how to rootearlo, and it’s official.

What is your must-have application as a root user? take Advantage of the comments for on these days, and as well do a full compilation. With these apps for root, we hope that exprimas your experience more than ever.

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