5 improvements that will come in the next generation of mobile

Móviles del futuro

2015 is coming to an end and this year we have seen mobile very poor but actually we have seen a few more improvements that increase the resolution of the screen, and the arrival of cameras more powerful. what do You want to see in future mobile phones of 2016? How will the mobile future?

This year, we have seen many improvements in terms of software, but we want more, despite the fact that companies are innovating, we want to bet more risky, and then we show you 5 of the best that you would expect in the mobile phones in this year 2016. It should also be said that we want improvements in the battery such as its loading speed and its autonomy, but the we already, in this aspect we don’t want to wait for a future.

2016 will arrive full of news on the mobile

Camera with scene detector

The new cameras, cameras that are already working in the laboratories, will be able to to better identify each scene in order to adapt to it controlling each and every one of the elements that appear in the image.

A camera that detects scenes is able to determine the number of people that appear when you focus and offer the best settings for each situation, it is more, you should even distinguish what type of environment is doing to the photo and fit this to perfection. It could also help you to classify the pictures according to the type of content they have captured but in this aspect because not only it is necessary to improve the sensor, that too, but that the software be charged a great importance to detect all the elements of each scene.

surround Sound

The new processors, although some mobile phones are already working on this, will allow the devices ring of the other much more advanced and cutting-edge. We must not forget that many mobile phones today still do not enjoy or stereo sound.

new mobile should be able to reproduce the sound not only through the two channels common stereo but should provide surround sound very similar to what you do some headsets that simulate the hardware the position of the sounds and offer a dynamics of the sound much more accomplished and original.

Cambiar sonido notificaciones Android

Best photos against strong backlight and in low light conditions

in Addition to be able to detect the scene perfectly and discern among a great number of things (something that will be virtually all software), the new sensors should improve hardware the opening of their lenses and the way they process light.

new camera will detect much better the brightness and the dark areas leading to a higher brilliance of the colors in low light conditions and at the same time they should also offer a very good performance in the photos to the light where some sensors work quite badly, ruining the photos. Yes, it is true, the best pictures should not be backlit, but since then if you’re a good photographer and the lens works well you can create virguerías without ruining the photo.

velocidad redes 5g

Support for fast networks

As we have already been progressing, every time we spend more data on the reproduction of content that require a large amount of data. This means that each time we demand faster connections so that the new chips LTE, or even the future chips for connection 5G should offer the download of content up to a maximum of 600 MB, or more theoretical.

This allows you to watch all sorts of streaming content in high quality without any lags or delays. The chip also must support smooth playback of content in 4K because it’s not just the screen and the processor must be prepared but at an internal level, the data flow and the access to the memory should be fast to not have problems and more if we take into account the amount of data that can sue the future of virtual reality.

Improvements in security systems

Without a doubt, another section that has improved quite a bit, but that should continue to improve is the security system of each mobile. Now I can not understand a mobile without sensor fingerprint fingerprint but still less can I do so without thinking that this technology should improve.

The current system of recognition by fingerprint must improve using ultrasound to recognize the footprints in the wet or with a level of sweating elevated. This will allow you to also read the fingerprint in any part of the screen to increase the comfort of the user. In turn, some systems such as the iris recognition could be improved and implemented in the future.

What do you think about these new technologies that will bring your next mobile? Since then, are the things that the mobile should have in a few years and not doing so may improvements to be even more spectacular but this is the minimum that we should see.

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