5 free apps you should download before the end of the year

2018 we are going and we are almost obliged to show you what those applications that can not miss in your terminal before the end of the year. Today here we will show you 5 apps that you can’t not have in your phone. Are very useful tools that are used by millions of people per day, and you have to be in that number, yes or yes.

Applications that you can not miss

Before we begin, we want to emphasize that all of them are free. Within the same (some) can get to charge money for making use of some extra function. In the same way, you need not pay anything for making use of them.


Free and with millions of downloads, this has become one of the applications that can not miss in any mobile. The operation of AppLock is simple; block for separate apps with password or pattern unlock. In this way, if someone gets your mobile phone without being locked, it will not be able to enter to that application that you’ve configured with AppLock if you do not know the password to use it.

Bitwarden Password Manager

Thanks to this kind of applications have been completed, the problems of forgotten passwords. And is that from a long time ago there are a lot of alternatives that will allow save passwords in a single place so that no one will forget. Bitwarden Password Manager is a tool not so well known but that works even better than the most popular. At this stage of the year you can’t not have this app installed on your mobile. In a few words, is a password manager free.


Launched for quite some time now, it is a tool that gives you access to millions of ringtones, notifications, and sounds of alarms. But that’s not all, because Zedge also offers wallpapers, themes and even app icons so you can customize your phone background. It is a very good option for those who want to change the aesthetics of the cell without “breaking the head” in the attempt.


the creators of the popular GoPro camera have made it very clear that what they care about are the lovers of the video recording. That is why it’s been a little while coming improving Quik, an application in which you can edit videos in a very simple form. If you are recording videos with your mobile so quickly, and you want a tool to be able to improve the appearance of the same, as well as edit them, because this is the best option.


despite the fact that Google Maps is the leader in maps is concerned, Waze is an app that has gained a lot of ground in these past few years. The same allows you to receive the indication in real time of how is the transit in the route that you have marked to get to the destination. Is free, simple to use and in addition usually function as a good complement to Maps Google.

we Hope that you enjoy these applications, we recommend you to download them all since they are so useful that you do not should pass up.

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