5 apps to download torrents from your mobile Android

Many times you need to download files from torrents like movies, programs and games, and out of ignorance, it is easy to assume that it can only be done from a computer or laptop, but it is not so. Your mobile phone is also able to download this kind of files, always and when you have an application that allow you to do so.

that’s why we bring you 5 apps that you can download files torrents from your mobile Android.

TorrDroid, allows multiple simultaneous downloads


The first application we bring you is TorrDroid, an application that allows you to perform multiple downloads simultaneously. You do not have any kind of restriction, only the speed of your Internet connection and the storage capacity of your mobile phone.

The only detail is that the Spanish language has many errors of translation. However, for the simplicity of the application it is not difficult to understand.

µTorrent, the most widely used

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