5 apps to bring well-a hangover from the End of the Year

¿What this has started for the year? We hope that with very good standing. That’s why we want to talk to you about 5 apps to bring well-a hangover from the End of the Year, so you will still go better. Because, surely, that yesterday thou camest up to the many, and this morning you were still taking the chocolate with churros… that’s why we want to talk to you about some apps good that you’ll be able to enjoy much of the day today and start the year with good standing. We’ll talk about some of the best apps of the year in order to personalize your photos and have a good time.

MSQRD para Android

5 apps to bring well-a hangover from the End of the Year

These are the best 5 apps to take well the hangover from the End of the Year. For inmortalices and customise with filters and effects apps for the end of the year, and some other fun game.

  • Prism. If you got a lot of photos the night of the end of the year, now you’ll be able to customise them with the best filters to Android. This application has been chosen as one of the best of the year, a must-2016, so you’ll need it for the photos of the end of the year fade into history. ¡¡Will be chulísimas!!

WP-Appbox: Prism (Free, Google Play) →

  • Photo Editor Collage Maker. This app also will allow you to create fun photo collages with your photos. It’s going to look cool and professional. Are you going to post them on Instagram and Facebook and all over the world to be amazed. ¡¡Perfect for post end of the year!!

WP-Appbox: Photo Editor Collage Maker (Free, Google Play) →

  • MSQRD. If you’re resacoso lying in bed, you can have a lot of fun with this app for Android. The popular app of masks in real-time. ¡Amazing!

WP-Appbox: MSQRD (Free, Google Play) →

  • Clash Royale. One of the best plans is to spend the hangover playing Clash Royale. It is an addictive game and will keep you hooked for many hours. ¡¡That’s for sure!! Has been chosen as the best game all over the 2016.

WP-Appbox: Clash Royale (Free+, Google Play) →

  • Sticker Christmas. Still not finished the Christmas is Kings and missing the many gifts to come. So this app will allow you to continue enjoying these days, with pictures with christmas motifs that will surprise you.

WP-Appbox: Merry Christmas Stickers zip (Free+, Google Play) →

With these applications you’ll be able to better carry the hangover of the End of the Year. What insurance that you can not avoid to drink a little more of the account! We hope that you will like these 5 apps to bring well-a hangover from the End of the Year.

do You like apps? Do you know any better to get a good start to the year?

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