5 Android apps that will help you sleep better

In Androidphoria we do not always sleep as you really want to. Sometimes the worries and the stress you’ll ruin a good night’s rest. That’s why, today we recommend the 5 best applications for Android that help you to sleep better.

it Is essential to know that there are many options, so attentive to the advice that we give to you to enjoy and sleep like a baby.

do You have trouble sleeping? Rest and sleep easy with these apps


This is the app more complete than you’ll find in GooglePlay. Has a wealth of musical mixes, audios and soothing sounds to help you sleep. In addition, it has a special alarm that will wake you up gradually so you can open the eyes calmly.

it Is important to know that this tool was developed thanks to psychological studies about how to handle the concentration of man. So you’re in good hands.

Sleep Better

This tool is characterized because measures and program your dream depending on the physical activity you’ve done during the day (have performed sport, drunk coffee, taken alcoholic drinks or having dinner outside of time). The app monitors your brain waves to know how much time you were under a light sleep and how much under a heavy sleeper. This way you’ll know how you sleep really.

Breethe – Meditation & Music

Breethe is an app completely dedicated to relax and prepare for sleep. This tool does, thanks to special sessions dedicated to clear your mind and prepare for sleep.


If you are one of those people who have a room completely dark because it works at night and sleeps during the day, this is the app for you.

unlike the others, Glimmer is an alarm clock luminous graduating the bulb intelligent -that is purchased separately from your mobile, just 30 minutes before the scheduled time, to simulate a pleasant awakening. For this, Glimmer is an excellent tool that you can combine with the above that we have just presented.

Sleep Cycle

If you are someone that likes statistics to keep a perfect control of what happens to you, you’ve reached the ideal option. Sleep Cycle is an app that analyzes by using electromagnetic waves of your dream. In this way, this tool will find, through an interval of half an hour, the ideal time to wake you up.

Now that you have all of these tools in the palm of your hand don’t waste time, relax, and let your phone help you to sleep better. Here we leave a app special for you to get better organized in your day-to-day.

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