3D drawing simple: Sketchup

Perhaps you may think that doing drawings 3D need to be an expert on it, but SketchUp is quite easy to create models 3D .

Dibujo en 3D de forma fácil: Sketchup

With video training you have, you will learn step by step the tools we have and keep improving the modeling of your drawings. You can recreate almost any surface and has an extensive library of models from other users that you can use to complete your models.

Draw in 3D with SketchUp

With your creations 3D You can create sections for more details on models, videos touring an area or inside a building, for example.

Dibujar en 3D con SketchUp

As a tool in the professional world can also be very interesting in the development of complex systems and the definition of each component light. Demonstrations of operation of plants or just teaching the contents of a property to have an idea 3D of what their rooms. SketchUp can be a great marketing tool when selling or promoting a product.

The precision that can be the one you want and renderings that can be performed by plugins including implementation, our creations will look very realistic and professionally finished look. Just see the buildings represented in Google Earth in your sight 3D . His realism is such that plunges us into the atmosphere touch of a mouse click.


The study of shadows in real time is very useful when designing a building and see its impact on a building or location. Thanks to geolocation, you know the incidence of light and shadows anytime of day, any day of the year.

As you can see, are infinite range of solutions and potential of this program. And most importantly, it is free. So you know, to unleash your creation and imagination.

What about the possibility draw in 3D with SketchUp?

Image 1: SketchUp

Image 2: SketchUp

Image 3: Google Earth