3D printers

A few years after the arrival of the first page 3D printers. It looked like the typical expensive invention and its function will be to make only small parts or prototypes for engineering or manufacturing; more a toy than anything else. But today is to diversify its use so that we can find everyday things like a cup or a chair, to as complex parts such as dental implants or construction elements.

Impresoras 3D

How 3D printers work?

Basically create a 3-dimensional object based material layers are spiked, from a program developed in a model 3D . You can use the design software AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Catia style or simple and free such SketchUp programs.

There Two models of 3D printers market

  • Printers compression, where a mass of powder compressed in layers. 1999023 []
  • Printers addition, where it is added to the material to be printed layers. Also called polymer injection.

The materials used for 3D Printing can be metals, resins, or thermoplastic materials such as Photopolymers PLA or ABS, used in lower cost printers.

What elements can be made with a 3D printer?

With regard to items that can be created with these 3D printers, we find elements of fashion footwear, apparel and accessories.

¿Qué elementos se pueden crear con una impresora 3D?

artículos que se pueden crear con una impresora 3D

created structural elements such as the case of a bicycle or parts of a plane, to a 5-storey building.

impresora 3D

and make dentures Whether moving parts like hands, legs, artificial limbs and vital organs such as the heart; a new horizon in the world of prosthetics and transplants.

Cómo son las impresoras 3D

Thus technology 3D invading a number unheard fields and increasingly we will see more examples. Since this technology is implemented in the industry, we will see how manufacturing prices will decline, and we have access to more products made with this technology. It seemed like science fiction a few years ago have become reality in the present.

You can see in this video the process of creating an object in three dimensions in order to understand how this technique print and obtaining the objects.

We have already seen some of the programs 3D Printers , are you willing to create a new object for their own use?

Image 1: Imprimalia 3D

Image 2: Iris Van Herpen

Image 3: Cubify

Image 4: 3D Leon

Image 5: Robohand

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