3 rock bands that have their own application

¿you Are a lover of Rock? If your answer is yes definitely this post is for you. In the present you the 3 rock bands that have their own app. what Interesting? Continue reading and discover if your favorite band is here.

The Rolling Stones

One of the bands most legendary of history has its official mobile app. With this application you can know news, announcements, news and even contests to their most loyal fans. In addition, it offers dates and locations of upcoming concerts for the band, as well as selling tickets and souvenirs.

With The Rolling Stones app you’ll also have access to videos and photos of the band. Another interesting option is the ability to listen to the entire catalog of successes of the group through Spotify. You can even chat with other fans of the band and even upload your own photos and videos to the wall of the fan. The app is free, however by only 1.75 euros you can get previously unreleased material from the more than 50-year career of these Rock Gods.

So if you are a true fan of “their satanic majesties” you only have to follow the link given below and download their official mobile app.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The well-known band in california also has official app. With this app fans will feel much closer to their idols. This application will allow you to download images of the band backstage before and after their concerts. You can also download videos of the group and be the first to hear of any news related with the quartet.

You will know the dates of all the tours scheduled for the band and purchase official merchandise. You’ll also be able to exchange views and experiences with other fans around the world. The app also offers the option to share your photos and videos via Twitter.

¿Are you a fan of the Chili Peppers and still don’t have your application? Download from the following link.

Ozzy Osbourne

The “Prince of Darkness” also has an app for their fans. If is no longer available in Google Play, you can download it as a APK. In this APK you will get all information related to Ozzy Osbourne. Concerts, tours, music downloads, photos, and videos are some of the things that offers the APK of Ozzy.

despite not being as complete as the other mentioned applications, the APK account with a wall of the fanatic for you to share your photos and videos. Without a doubt, Ozzy is another big rock that seeks to be close to their fans.

you Can download this APK through this link.

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