3 movies from Netflix that you have to see before the end of the 2018

If you want to close the year with a flourish, Netflix is a great ally ideal to do so. The streaming platform has everything necessary to make you spend hours of fun in front of the screen of your device. For this reason, we will show you how 3 movies from Netflix that you have to see before the end of the 2018.

you have to be sincere, in Netflix there are very good movies and some that are not so. Yes, here in Androidphoria only show you the best of the best. So relax and look at any of these 3 movies before the end of the year.

Watch these 3 movies on Netflix before the end of the year

Bird Box

Bird Box (blind in Spanish) is an original film from Netflix starring Sandra Bullock. A mysterious force swept over the land and the people are kept as refugees in the interior of their homes with the eyes covered. why? Because if you look at this strange entity, will die.

Malorie, the protagonist, managed to survive with her two children, and took courage to leave the shelter. This will two days on a dangerous journey, with the eyes blindfolded, in search of a better place. If you like this type of films, then check out this list of the best horror movies.

True History

True History (False identity, in Spanish) tells the story of Christian Longo, a man accused of murder who lives outside of the united states and assumes the identity of a journalist named Michael Finkel.

The journalist to find it, it comes in contact with the fugitive, and both forge a strange friendship before his trial. Do you like crime and mystery? Look at these games that you can install now in your Android.


Movie gangsters which tells the story of Reggie and Ronnie Kray, two twin brothers who dominated organized crime in London during the 1960s. These used extreme violence to get what they wanted within the English capital.

Controlled nightclubs in the city, extorting money from those who needed and did everything to uphold his legacy. For lovers of the action!

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