3 apps that will not leave you to sleep

If you like horror stories you can’t stop reading this post. We are in the month of October and is about Halloween know some horror stories is necessary. We invite you to meet and try these applications on your Android, so that be surprised and freak out your friends with your stories.

urban Legends

the name of the app says it all. Are treated in the most terrifying and interesting urban legends in all the Internet. The application places each month new stories for what, you’ll always be with first class entertainment. It also has a format called “creepypasta” (by source copy-paste) stories of terror short, which have as a source the Internet.

The application is totally free, is the most popular in its style and best of all is that you don’t need connection to Internet for it to work. You only connect to download new stories.

horror Stories and creepypasta

In the description of the app has the warning not to use the application if you suffer from heart problems or sleep loss. Their stories are full of a lot of mystery and suspense.

The app allows you to share the stories with your friends via social networks like Whatsapp and Facebook. Recently it added a new section with videos de terror paranormal.


last but not least we find Leemur. Leemur is an application a little different to previous ones, their stories are stories of chats. Stories narrated by its own protagonists.

unlike the other two applications, Leemur not only does it contain horror stories, here you can also find stories of love, suspense, adventure, and humor. What makes it interesting is that they are stories told by common people that you induce to imagine being one of the characters. It is very easy to get hooked with any of the new stories that is available each week.

¿you’re brave enough to download any of these applications? Dare, the salt of the routine with fabulous stories that will not be able to return to sleeping alone. Then leave us your comments.

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