28 applications of supply on Google Play

Ofertas Google Play

If you are a regular Google Opinion Rewards is insurance that you have managed to collect, at least, about 10 euros since you started to use it. Now, why would you give ten euros in applications? If you manage poorly you may buy 2 or 3 applications on Google Play, but if you also take advantage of the deals you could buy, no problems, 20 paid apps totally free.

we have Just discovered in Google Play for Days of Play, a promotion that Google has pulled out of the send, has been made in offer some 28 apps that have lowered their price to 50 cents and among the applications, and there are some that are worth it. You can also buy them if you already use any of them or need something different in your mobile. How to view and check out all of the available applications is very easy from this link I would like to talk a little of what worth.

Applications of supply on Google Play

Among the applications you should know that 28 there are many and what is worse is that most of them are really good so that will surely you buy some. What apps can you find on sale?

  • Applications of photo retouching – There are many and among which worth is Cameringo Plus, Tiny Planet FX Pro (which allows you to create worlds with your photos), Color Splash, Camera, Paper and some more, the truth is that they are applications that like because it makes things awesome. Now, if you want something new in this aspect of the test MSQRD.
  • music Apps – As the player Poweramp full version, DJAY2 and some more.
  • Applications to customize your mobile – you Can download the Pro version of Nova Launcher, one of the best launchers for Android.
  • Games to pass the time – you Have some interesting games such as Touch Pads and Touch Labs (this time not going to a lot of games the thing).

And among the applications that have nothing to do with these is also Quick PDF Scanner to scan documents, Runtastic Road Bike and many more, come to see what there is and sure that you download, some. If you do already tell us what it is.

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