2 reasons to launch a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and not a Note 6

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we are All waiting like crazy for the official launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 for a while, and although this release is not expected until August the Note 6 may not come on the market never.

has begun to speculate some time ago that Samsung might not launch a Note 6 to the market for directly to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and a rumor circulating around Weibo seems to ensure that this is true. At the moment, like every rumor, take things with a lot of care, but the image seems to confirm the number that will be printed the new Note.

Note 7 Next Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the new Note Samsung

As you can see here that this photo does not confirm anything, truly do a bevel with a 7 you can confirm something? it is best to ignore the rumors because this leak on Weibo for nothing confirms that the Note 7 is the following Note, but yes, there are many reasons for Samsung to launch the Note 7 instead of the Note 6.

Note 6 appears to be a previous generation

Currently, Samsung has the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the market and launch a Note 6 may be synonymous with a generation late. Bring to market a Note 6 might seem to users that have a mobile outdated.

it May seem silly but at the time of purchasing smartphones (especially the people that are not aware) is left guide pos numbers and directly compares the mobile by the version number, reason for which Samsung would have to consider also the following reason.

Note 6 does not compete directly with the iPhone 7

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 7 this year, and therefore a Note 6 might seem to doubt that it is an older technology. Yes, it is a nonsense, it is true, but this works in the face of marketing, and omit the Note 6 directly nor would it be such a big problem.

you May not have to wait as much as another year to get the Note 7 already that Samsung could to bring forward his timetable 1 or 2 months to give way to the new Note in August, we will be attentive to the possible confirmations official.

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