10 super tips to insulate your home

the thermal insulation suitable is presented as the best alternative to avoid loss of heat or cold in the interior of our home, as well as allow us to bet on the maximum savings to the end of the month, and reduce levels of contamination to require less energy to cool or heat.

aislamiento casa

the way to know where you are heat loss of the house, and thus to act in a similar manner is through the implementation of an energy certification of the property by a qualified technician. power consumption connected with the air conditioning and heating constitutes between a third and half of the total households.

How to isolate the house

To keep suitable thermal insulation in the interior of our home, looking for the maximum comfort and well-being as they pursue from Healthy Home, we take into account some tips:

-In the case of windows, we can use strips of rubber on the edges so that it doesn’t leak heat or penetrating cold out. Do not forget, either, to make use of double glazing, given that its insulating capacity is higher than simple. We’ll talk about them later.

casa aislada-With the object to isolate the glass in the windows you can choose to wrap the pan with plastic bubbles, having the air balloon to the glass. Despite the fact that it is not very taken care of from the aesthetic point of view, will help us to avoid our house to cool down quickly.

floor willing in the different rooms in your house can help to reduce heat loss. Also, if you put newspapers under the carpet you will be able to improve their insulating function.

double glazed windows and frames with thermal bridge break will help us to avoid temperature differences between the outside and the inside. These frames contain an insulating material between the inner and outer portions of the same. With the help of this type of window will we guaranteed the disappearance of the condensation.

-To avoid the fact that the water vapor filter in the room through capillaries in the walls we can use insulation materials such as mineral wool or plaster with a bar built-in steam, which consists of a film of aluminum which is attached to one side of the insulation.

aislar la casa-you can Also use the weather stripping on the doors. We refer to some metal strips with escobitas or sponges that are screwed on at the bottom of the doors to keep out the cold. For an easier installation, you can select weather-stripping-pad, which in addition to offering insulation and the like to take care of the maximum of the decoration of the home.

-In the case of walls, you can select one of the sheets of glass fiber, polyurethane, or cork, to cover them later with plates of padur. In case you do not handle installation of this type of materials, you can always serve as shelves and boxes so that they can keep the cold out of the room.

-when to isolate a roof, you can earn one or more layers of the dough with rigid elements such as plaster or wood, and spring elements absorbing soft as slabs of expanded polystyrene. This same dock or the insulating element can be placed on the roof with the line of contact. The plates of plaster or wood is usually placed with the help of a false ceiling with straps or metallic structure.

casa segura-An effective method for to insulate walls what we find represented in extrados with the rockwool in the chamber. These extrados is formed by the partition walls of plaster, which rises to about 10 cm from the wall.

-With the object to isolate to the maximum the noise, you can also choose wood pallets. These soils are warm and mute the sounds more annoying. An alternative efficient and environmentally friendly, but today, it is not common to use it as a floor. The ceramic flooring is also good and does not require additional materials.

on the other hand, we can also find insulating materials to take into account in the construction of the home, with the most common concrete, plastic tarpaulin, hollow blocks or synthetic stucco.

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