10 games more addictive than Ketchapp are as famous as those of Supercell?

If you are looking for simple games you can play at any free minute, the title of Ketchapp you’ll love. But be careful, because although many of them seem simple, can become very challenging and addictive. For something Ubisoft acquired the company a couple of years ago.

The best thing of all is that you can install on almost any mobile with Android. And without more, we leave it up to the 10 best games developed by Ketchapp.


The objective of this game is to build the tower of blocks as large as you can, but you must calculate well or otherwise the next block will come to small making it more difficult for your work. what Simple truth?

Time Jump

You find yourself inside of a clock, and you must avoid the hands of the clock you hit. If you want that these hands do not go to high speed you can’t stop touching the screen for a long time.

it Has some excellent graphics own of the games of Ketchapp.

Prince of Persia : Escape

it Is said that the game is more similar to the first and legendary game Prince of Persia. you Try not to fall in the peaks and precipices you’ll find your way.

If you like retro games like this, we’ll leave you a list with the top 10, for Android.


this is Not the classic game of dominoes, here you have to prevent the fall of the tabs is broken by what you’ll have to place the missing piece at the right time.

it Is a game of great precision, with excellent music, although it may make you feel dizzy a little if you play it for a long time.

The Tower Assassin’s Creed

it does Not have the graphics of the game Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft but this doesn’t stop being very good.

you Try to help the killer most famous in the world to climb as high as possible. Very similar to the first game of this list but with a different angle.

The floor is lava

¿Who doesn’t juice to this as a child? Jump on the furniture of the house without being able to touch the ground was of the best adventures of childhood. Thanks to Ketchapp you can relive those beautiful memories. Try to stay away from the ground as long as possible.

Light On

Another game that requires a lot of precision. you Must plug the lamp as many times as possible if you want to keep it burning.

you will Not be able to take off your view of the screen if you really want to keep the light on.

Pineapple Pen

You have to calculate the distance and speed of the fruits if you want to hit him with your pen. You try to give an apple and a pineapple with a single blow, something that can be more complicated that it seems.

Dunk Hoop

The best basketball game that you can find in the Play Store. Unlike any game of this sport, you don’t cast the ball, your control is centered in the hoop. You must move it in order to accomplish the greatest amount of baskets as possible.

Knife Hit

Finally we bring to you a game where you need to be very fast. Throws all the knives but be careful of hitting another that you’ve already released. The apples will give you new knives if you manage to cut them.

¿You liked this selection? We are confident that we great games out but who is the majority of the games developed by Ketchapp are excellent.

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