Europe wants to violate the encryption of WhatsApp

The NSA has shown the world that no system is protected by hacker safe. Yes, regardless of the obstacles that are put hackers always manage to find a place where to steal documents or other valuable information. This information is still more easy to obtain if the security algorithms used add what are known as

Meizu MAX: 6 inches, and launch in September

Every week get a leak of Meizu, or talking about the Meizu Pro 7 or there is talk of a new phone, the Meizu MAX. As for the Pro 7 seems to come out of a doubt, the next September 13 and is that the hype created is huge. In terms of the Meizu MAX

What Pordede will close on 31 August?

Circulates a novelty that is becoming viral on if Pordede will close on the 31st of August. There are many users who have asked us about the extent to which this notice of “Pordede will close on August 31” is true. In addition, in Facebook many users were put in contact with Pordede to desmintieran

Tutorial: Change the APN in Android

it's possible that you've heard of APN and however, you do not know exactly what it is or how to configure it. If so, don't worry, because we are going to tell how to change the APN in Android. A tutorial quick and easy for you to learn to set it up in a few

Mines a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has done a new mobile phone, the next Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to be one of the best mobile of the year, and although it is difficult to sell as much as the Galaxy S7 what is certain is that expectations are very high. The Note 7 is going to be one of

Meizu introduces 2 new mid-range: Meizu U10 and U20

The chinese manufacturer of mobile phones, Meizu, has launched two new smartphones mid-range. This time they are the new Meizu U10 and the new Meizu U20. Yes, despite the fact that the style of Meizu is very well-known mobile affordable of the brand are a good option. new Meizu mid-range bring a design of double

The automatic reproduction of sound will ruin Facebook

The social network Facebook is the most important thing in the world, not only by their ability to attract people, but also by the more than 1.5 thousand million people using this social network. Now, Facebook is about to liarla again and it is rumored that will activate the automatic playback of sound and video

The ban on Pokémon Go: How to identify them and fix them?

Niantic is banning more and more users. This is not the first time that we are speaking of the bans on the Pokémon Go, but now that they are starting to be massive we have many more data from them that we would like to give you know. What is certain is that if you

Are there any problems to turn off the overlay screen in Android? We bring you the solution

If you have Marshmallow, it is possible that you are suffering problems with the overlay screen in Android. But you don't have to worry, because in this article we bring to you a delicious solution to the display overlay to stop to give you problems in Android 6.0 Marshmallow because you can manage the permissions

The mobile make that will sell more cameras DSLR

it Seems that many camera manufacturers are starting to blame the mobile phones that we sold so many but what is certain is that in the last ten years, the market of the camera has not been dropped precisely because of the mobile, this is not a problem for seek a solution in something alien.