How to view the Borussia vs Real Madrid Champions league

tonight in the Champions league Total we have an appointment with a great match of Champions: Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid. In this article, we will tell you how to watch the Borussia vs Real Madrid Champions league 2016. We already know that lately the whites do not give anything, well the yellow, so that

Galaxy J5 2015 updates to Marshmallow

we Bring very good news for the users of the Samsung Galaxy J5 2015. In these moments we can confirm that Samsung has released the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow for this terminal. Let us recall that already has more than a year. It was presented last June of 2015 and is good news because

Samsung Galaxy On8: Specifications, launch and price

The guys from Samsung have just make official Samsung Galaxy On8. This terminal is amazing because it has 5.5-inch display and a processor of 8 cores. Is a terminal and elegant mid-range high that is aimed primarily at the asian market. has Today made official and we have known that will be released on the

Download WhatsApp 2.16.281 with links to groups [APK]

A new update for WhatsApp is coming to Android. Users can now use links of groups to be sent to each other, said link binding the group. It is already possible to download WhatsApp 2.16.281 with links to groups APK. The latest beta makes it possible. Whatsapp added a lot of functionality to the app

YouTube Go: The new app of YouTube for slow connections

In some places people love YouTube but when you try to access a video found with a poor 2G connection, or, simply, YouTube does not work because of the bad connection to the Internet. This means that these people can not see YouTube in the normal way. In India, especially, a lot of users are

Google Pixel 3: How will the new hybrid with Andromeda?

it Is the month of Google, all the world is waiting and we don't just want to know what will happen with the launch of the new Pixel, but that is played has in vilo to the community of Android. has spoken of the he existence of an Android-exclusive in the new Pixel that has

DGT: Traffic will be sent fines by SMS or email

The General Directorate of Traffic, DGT, has taken an important step in the process of traffic fines. Until now, to refer to the violations of the drivers, it was only possible to access this information pos two pathways: The mailbox of the offender or the system TESTRA, in the case that the fine was not

You filter the possible specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S8

it Is very difficult to know how and when to produce leaks, it is more, sometimes it is impossible to know if you really are certain, there is some reason, or only one lights the filters in order to win more tours but what is certain is that Samsung, after the failure of the Note

What town hall level 12 in Clash of Clans?

fans of Supercell expect the update of Clash of Clans como agua de mayo and it is certain that in addition to news, people expect that to solve many of the problems of this title. Now, some rumors suggest that the new update of Clash of Clans, even being in September, could bring with it

MediaTek Helium X30 and P25: New processors of the chinese company

MediaTek is a company known for manufacturing processors and now, this, has a great importance because it makes some of the best processors on the market and, best of all, their processors are really affordable. Now, in an attempt to improve the range Helium P and Helium X, MediaTek introduced two new processors, the new